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Sarah Palin Wants My Ears

Hey Readers, all 3 of you. I had this crazy but fun post planned for you today about some of the ridiculousness that went down this week in our country. It wasn’t all that hard what with all the talk of vaginas and voter fraud that is a huge problem even though it isn’t really a huge problem and all the gay people using their voodoo to make us all gay and so on and so forth.  It started out simply enough and then before I knew it I was knee deep in birther conspiracy theories (still?!?) and wondering just how the political discourse of our country got reduced to nothing more than “nanny nanny boo boo.”  I looked at my screen and saw that the post had grown to epic proportions and nobody with a real life would have the time to read it.  So I’m going to break it up into separate posts for next week.  Unless Sarah Palin keeps whining about how everything everybody ever said about her in the history of ever is a lie.  In which case I will tear my own ears off and probably have to spend a few days in the hospital trying to get new ears.  So let’s all just enjoy our weekend and we’ll meet back here on Monday and bear witness to the lunacy, mmmkaaay?  Until then, enjoy this video. My mom doesn’t get why I find this so pee-my-pants hilarious but whatever.

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