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Filibuster This, Sucka

Hey readers.  So…what a week huh?  Yeah I suck at small talk so I’m just going to jump right in here.  It seems we weren’t the only ones that noticed all the crybabies running around with hurt feelings lately.  Yesterday’s New York Times featured an op-ed piece written by Bill Maher titled “Please Stop Apologizing” in which Bill addresses the whining epidemic currently plaguing our nation. It’s good stuff.

Is anybody else watching “Awake?” What a trip that is.  For those of you who don’t know, it’s about a cop who was in a car accident with his wife and son.  And when he wakes up in the morning his wife is alive but his son died.  And the next day when he wakes up his son is alive and his wife is dead.  And it just goes back and forth like that every day.  So he lives these two lives and he can’t figure out which one is reality and which one is the dream. The only ones he’s told are his two shrinks, and they’re both like “i’m the real one, trust me.”  I don’t know about you but that would be a one-way ticket to the funny farm for me.

Big ups to Alert Reader Cody for pointing out a mistake I made on Wednesday’s post.  I said that the Violence Against Women Act had passed in the Senate with a unanimous 415 vote.  Yeah, there’s only 100 members of the Senate.  I meant the House of Representatives.  Duh.  I swear I’m not a total idiot but I usually write late at night and I also take a lot of allergy medication.  My bad.

Speaking of Congress…remember yesterday I told you about the judges that weren’t being confirmed because the Senate Republicans were filibustering the heck out of the whole process?  Well, guess what?  Harry Reid threatened a cloture on their asses and they made a deal and cleared the way to confirm 14 new judges by May 7.  I actually learned of this a few days ago but I was saving it for today’s post.  Like a sweet  little gift for you.  Know what else makes it sweeter?


Go ahead, guess.

Alright I’ll tell you.

“President Obama Has Now Quadrupled The Number Of Openly Gay Judges On The Federal Bench”

And boom goes the dynamite.  Yes, four of the judges the President nominated are openly gay.  Why is that a big deal?  Because it makes our judicial system more diverse and that is always a good a thing.  Don’t let any knuckleheads tell you any different. Unfortunately, one of the nominees, Edward DuMont, withdrew his nomination because he just couldn’t stand all the Republican obstructionism. Imagine that.  So congrats to Judge Michael Fitzgerald, Alison Nathan, and Paul Oetken.

Ok Kids, that’s all I’ve got for today.  Unless some crazy shite goes down over the weekend that i just HAVE to get off my chest I’ll be back on Monday.  Until then, enjoy this video.

Miss Diagnosed

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