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25 Things About Me

It was suggested to me recently that my blog might be more interesting if I were to inject more of myself into it.  I happen to disagree, but I also think Oreos are some of the nastiest things ever created and shouldn’t even be considered food, much less a cookie so what do I know.  I guess it couldn’t hurt and it’s already noon so I don’t have much time to do a real post anyway, so here we go.

1. I hate magicians.

2. My car’s name is Skipper.  Skipper the Ford Contour.

3. I used to walk in my sleep when I was a kid.  And clean my room.

4. I think animal prints are trashy looking.  Except giraffe. That’s cute.

5. I am an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church.  My official title is “High Priestess.”

6. I once had a cat named LL Cool Jams Henderson.

7. My favorite word is medulla oblongata.

8. I am terrified of ostriches.

9. And also snakes.

10. I don’t trust men who have cats.

11. Watching “Alice in Wonderland” makes me nervous.

12. I hate onions, and I don’t really like meat.  But I love beef jerky and Funyuns.

13. I rarely floss because it freaks me out.

14. I have a synesthetic disorder called ordinal linguistic personification.

15. I really really want to hang out with Flo from the Progressive commercials.

16. And Mayhem from the Allstate commercials.

17. I love action movies.

18. I love countdowns. Best songs of the ’80s, Famous Serial Killers, I don’t care what it is they’re counting down. I will watch it.

19. Red-headed people have always freaked me out.

20. I’ve never seen an episode of Jersey Shore or any Real Housewives of Wherever.

21.  I HAVE seen every single episode of Arrested Development.

22. My apartment was once burgled and the only thing stolen was my prized velvet tapestry of dogs playing poker.

23. I could watch standup comedy all day long.

24. I think Nicolas Cage is underrated and not enough people appreciate the genius that is Raising Arizona.

25.  I have what some might call an “inappropriate” amount of Star Wars toys for a woman my age.

Miss D

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