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Photo of the Day

30 Day Photo Challenge

Day 8- technology

Thanks to reader Wendy for this little blast from the past.

Join us for tomorrow’s challenge: faceless self portraits.  Send me yours and I’ll post it.

Miss Diagnosed


Photo of the Day

30 Day Photo Challenge

Day 7- something new

(my birthday and HE gets new shoes. what’s up with that?)

Reader Submission

Looks like Wendy scored herself a new purse.

 Send me your photos so we can all share. Tomorrow’s photo challenge: technology.

Miss D

Photo of the Day- Reader Submission

Reader Wendy just sent me this photo for the 30 Day Photo Challenge.  I really like it.

Day 6- childhood memory


Tomorrow’s challenge is: something new.  Send your photos to and I will be happy to share them.  The entire list of the 30 Day Photo Challenge can be found here.

Photo of the Day

30 Day Photo Challenge

Day 6-childhood memory

Send your photos to  Tomorrow’s challenge: something new.

Miss D

30 Day Photo Challenge

I have been asked to post the entire 20 day photo challenge.  So here it is.

30 Day Photo Challenge

1-self portrait                                                            16-what i ate

2-what i wore                                                            17-on the shelf

3-clouds                                                                       18-in my bag

4-favorite color                                                        19-where i slept

5-someone i love                                                     20-what i read

6-childhood memory                                             21-pretty pattern

7-something new                                                     22-trees

8-technology                                                             23-sunset

9-faceless self portrait                                           24-a smile

10-something i made                                              25-sunflare

11-something fun                                                     26-something old

12-closeup                                                                   27-after dark

13-from a distance                                                   28-daily routine

14-flowers                                                                    29-purchased

15-my shoes                                                               30-in motion

If you’d like to see some of the photos we’ve done so far you can click on the green folder there on the right and then click on 30 Day Photo Challenge.  I’m also working on putting them all on the flickr page.  If you’d like to join us in the photo challenge then send your photos to

Miss D

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