The Miss Diagnosed Psychic Network

You know how every once in a while you have a dream or a premonition?  Or sometimes it’s just a good old fashioned gut feeling.  And your vision is so precise and vivid that it feels real?  And then hours, days, weeks, or even years go by and then that vision comes true?   And you’re all “oooh snap, that was creepy but it was kinda cool.  I must be psychic or something.”  Anybody?  Just me?

Well you may recall that a few weeks ago I was talking about  Ted “Cat Scratch Fever Is Code For Syphilis” Nugent and his tasteless and violent remarks about President Obama.  Well out of sheer coincidence (or was it…) I stated that his rant would be best left for the Secret Service to deal with.

Then I woke up yesterday and saw that THIS was happening.

That’s right.  Creepy Molester Uncle Ted took the stage at the National Rifle Association convention the other day and gave an eloquent and moving speech about how by this time next year he’ll be either dead or in jail if President Obama is re-elected.   Well certain people translated that to mean something like “if he’s elected again I’m not going to be around much next year because I’m going to do something to him.”  It didn’t help much that Ted went on to encourage a room full of ardent gun enthusiasts to “chop the heads off” of Democrats in November.

I KNOW!  Y’all, I’m obviously clairvoyant.  Or maybe just extremely gifted.  Ok, probably just mildly perceptive or something.  Whatever.   I’m going to get a crystal ball and start charging for this stuff.

Miss Diagnosed


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